Pilot Trips

This interactive map shows the EUMillennialsTOUR pilot trips, developed for the project. There are eight differing student groups from eight educational facilities, that participate in the corresponding inbound or outbound trips offered in EUMillennialsTOUR.
To access detailed information about the attractions visited during the trips, please press the icon in the upper left corner of the map. If you only wish to see trips for one country, you can deselect the others.


EUMillennialsTOUR combines dozens of exciting places in four European countries. They all shed light on the different dimensions of Europe’s long and diverse industrial and textile heritage. From the traces of cotton trade in a storage house in the old harbor of Bremen to the pioneer constructions of the Lagan Canal system in Northern Ireland and the Navigli Canals in Milan to the magnificent medieval clothier houses of Ghent.
The Pilot Trips offer the participating students hands-on experiences in FabLabs and innovative industrial museums like the Armani Silos or the Irish Linen Center.
They can discover the future of textile heritage and fashion during a walk around the hip Berlin fashion districts and profit from the knowledge and experience of local experts and guides.

You can download all the EUMillennialsTOUR Pilot Trip Attractions here:


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